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Women Pioneers

Biographies of women who have made a significant contribution to the history of milling

  1. Amy B Smith (b 1962)
  2. Dr E Cora Hind (1861-1942)
  3. Eva Ekeblad (1724-1786)
  4. Helen Wilkinson Slater (1774-1812)
  5. Margaret E Knight (1838-1914)
  6. Maria Christina Bruhn (1732-1808)
  7. Maria Telkes (1900–1995)
  8. Sybilla Righton Masters (c 1676 -1720)
  9. Tabitha Babbitt (1779-1853)

Publications in our library that discuss or illustrate the role of women in milling

Other relevant articles

  1. Women in millng, a social history by Claire Wooldridge
  2. A campaigner for mills and women’s rights by Elizabeth Bartram
  3. A lonely fight for survivial by Chris Viney
  4. A mill murder mystery by Lydia Smith
  5. Flour power by Chris Viney
  6. From doughnuts to dresses by Chris Viney
  7. The women who mill alone by Lucy Noble
  8. Trailblazing the way for women’s votes by Chris Viney
  9. Marjorie Isabel Batten 1903-1962 by Elizabeth Trout
  10. Mill of old age by Chris Viney
  11. Rags to riches by Chris Viney
  12. Saint Anthony’s Fire and Brimstone: Daily Bread or Daily Dread? by Lucy Noble
  13. She’s a jolly miller by Chris Viney
  14. The Invisible Gender? by Hannah Pomeroy
  15. Women at Work by Chris Viney

Women of influence (authors or editors)

  1. Brenda J Buchanan
  2. Mildred M Cookson
  3. Glenys Crocker
  4. Joan Day
  5. E M Gardner
  6. E Cora Hind
  7. Sheila Hutchinson
  8. Marilyn Palmer
  9. Jennifer Tann
  10. Jenny West
  11. Catherine Wilson
  12. Alison Yardy