Archive Patrons

Patrons of the Mills Archive are a small but carefully selected group of individuals and larger organisations. They see the potential of the work of the Mills Archive and wish to make a significant contribution to our development, both financially and strategically.

‘Patron’ (n.): a person, business or institution chosen, named or honoured as a special guardian, protector or supporter.

Our Archive Patrons are an exclusive selection of organisations and individuals are who are willing and able to make a strategic impact on the Trust and its work. Our Patrons are ‘hand-picked’ exemplary models in their sectors, representing a range of sectors and interests. Archive Patrons share our mission to protect, preserve and promote the history and enduring contributions made by milling in the areas of food, energy and cultural identity.

Being an Archive Patron is about more than financing elements of our activity. It’s about sharing our vision to create a world in which peoples’ contributions made to milling and, by extension, wind and water power – from ancient times and up to present day – are understood, valued and recognised as integral to people’s histories and lives today. We are looking for partners, confidantes and critical friends. What could we be doing better? What areas are under-explored? Which opportunities wait to be maximised? How can we help you to achieve your own goals, as well as our own? What insights can you share with us? Your financial support makes a major difference to what we can achieve, but even more significant impact can result from your involvement in our strategic decisions.

We are at a point in our development where the Trust is seeking to build on its education and public engagement programmes. We would be particularly interested in talking with you if this is a cause you would be keen to identify with and especially if you can assist us in making this transition.

We ‘hit it off’ with Perendale Publishers, one of our Archive Patrons, when we first met them in 2014

The Mills Archive Trust is different. Different from other charities, from other archives, from other institutions. Collaborative, adaptable, creative, innovative.

If you identify with our ethos, we encourage you to get in touch, so that we may continue the conversation. We also approach potential Archive Patrons, where we can see their ability to make a large and significant difference to what we can achieve. We look forward to sharing learning, progress and inspiration with you.


The SPAB donated one of our four Foundation Collections and appoints one of our twelve trustees. The SPAB was founded in 1877 by William Morris. Old buildings have a future, and the SPAB supports buildings and the people who care for them. Through its Mills Section, the SPAB campaigns for the sympathetic repair of mills, and protects hundreds of traditional windmills and watermills each year from proposals to demolish or damage them.

Perendale Publishers Ltd

Perendale Publishers are the owners of a prestigious magazine produced for the milling industry and established more than 100 years ago. The Perendale team are helping us to develop our collections with their world-wide reach into the modern milling industry with their print and Web-based media such as: