Archive Patrons

Patrons of the Mills Archive are a small but carefully selected group of individuals and larger organisations. They see the potential of the work of the Mills Archive and wish to make a significant contribution to our development, both financially and strategically.

Their financial support makes a major difference to what we can achieve, but even more significant impact can result from their involvement in our strategic decisions.

We expect Archive Patrons to look beyond our mission:

To preserve and protect records of our milling heritage and make them freely available to the public

and to aid us in our vision:

To become the national centre of excellence for learning, understanding and research on the historic uses of traditional power sources.

We are grateful to the two organisations and the one individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) who are currently supporting us in this way.

The SPAB Mills Section

The SPAB Mills Section donated one of our four Foundation Collections and appoints one of our twelve trustees.

Founded in 1931, it is the UK’s premier mill body and:

  • Protects hundreds of traditional windmills and watermills each year from proposals to demolish or damage them.
  • Campaigns for the sympathetic repair of mills, and works to return buildings and machinery to working order.

Perendale Publishers Ltd

Perendale Publishers are helping us to develop our roller flour milling collections with their world-wide reach into the modern milling industry with their print and Web-based media such as: