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The Mills Archive Trust’s e-newsletter is free to all subscribers and is delivered to your email inbox every week. It is overflowing with fascinating stories of milling, wind and water power. It delves into the lives of the people involved in mills and millwrighting; the history of windmills, watermills and roller mills; the role of milling in feeding the world; and its legacy in current forms of renewable energy.

Authors of these articles include our very own Foundation Trustee, Mildred Cookson, who was a miller for over 30 years at Mapledurham Watermill, near Reading; our archivist, Nathanael Hodge and his team of volunteers, who are all intimately acquainted with the amazing stories contained within our collections; and a panel of milling experts who regularly contribute their specialist knowledge. All the articles are beautifully illustrated with images from our extensive catalogue.

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  • “This is just to say how much I enjoy reading the messages you are sending… they are a breath of fresh air.”
  • “Another fascinating issue – but then they all are.”
  • “The newsletter is very good, well presented, very well written, full of interesting articles and a range of topics – something for everyone.”

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Mill Memories

We also produce a magazine, Mill Memories, twice a year. A paper copy of Mill Memories is sent to those who choose to become “Friends” of The Mills Archive Trust by committing to making a monthly donation to the Trust. The magazine contains news about the archive and its collections, as well as more in-depth articles and stories from the world of milling.

You can view previous issues of Mill Memories in PDF form below. But if you would like to receive a hard copy of the magazine each Spring and Autumn, then you might want to consider becoming a Friend of the Archive. You can find out more about the scheme and an enrolment form here.