The Mills Archive holds a wealth of information about people who are associated with mills and milling, providing a rich source for both family history and social history. You can access a wide variety of records on people through the following areas:


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We wish to pay credit to those who have gone before to inspire those yet to come. We are assembling a list as we delve into collections. Please help us by filling in our gaps or suggesting individuals who have made a particular contribution to mills and milling and who deserve more recognition.

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The Robinson family - Winterton Mill Lincs 1885

Mills and milling have always depended on people, so it is not surprising that the Mills Archive holds a lot of original documents, family history research data, and images of individuals and (in many cases) their families. Milling families provide a common thread linking together several generations working the same mill or mills in a particular area. Discovering a miller or millwright in your family can lead to far-reaching connections as different branches of the family may spread across several counties or intermarry with other milling families to keep the mills, the businesses and associated land in the family …

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Our Archive catalogue is the easiest way to search for images & documents. We hold over two and a half thousand people records here in an ever-growing database together with many thousands of digitised photographs .

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We have an outstanding collection of published books, pamphlets and journals on milling subjects. By using our online Library catalogue you may freely check the range of books available before you visit us.

You can approach the library by browsing an alphabetical list of author names or find publications dealing with particular mills or people associated with milling by performing a full search by title, publisher or keywords.

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