Pioneers and their Ideas on Renewable Energy: Undercurrents and Radical Writings in the 1970s

This reading list is compiled by Amelia Nicholsby, and is divided into two parts.

The first includes books (mainly from the 1970s) that point to a bright future for renewable energy: promoting novel ideas and practices to help in the fight against climate change. Each book is available for access at the Mills Archive Trust.

The second section includes articles from Undercurrents Magazine, a radical publication in that ran from 1972 to 1984 promoting both renewable energy and alternative lifestyle ideas. Some of our donors (note: Dave Elliot) have written for multiple issues.
In this section, Amelia has identified and summarised particular articles of interest that stood out to her in her study of the early promotion of renewable energy. Each article has a URL link to its digital upload on the website Issuu, and the full run of the physical Undercurrents Magazine can be accessed at our archive. 

Click on each heading to be taken to each section. Email to visit or find out more.

Radical Writings