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Der praktische BäckerFritsch, EHugo Mattheas1964Book
Composite flour programmeChatelanat, R PUN FAO1973Book
Story of a loaf of breadWood, T BCambridge University Press1912Book
English bread and yeast cookeryDavid, ElizabethAllen Lane1977Book
Historique de la meunerie et de la boulangerie: depuis les temps préhistoriques jusqu'à l'année 1914, tome 1 meunerieArpin, MarcelEditions le Chancelier1948Book
Historique de la meunerie et de la boulangerie: depuis les temps préhistoriques jusqu'à l'année 1914, tome 2 boulangerieArpin, MarcelEditions le Chancelier1948Book
Story of breadNewton, Edward; Sheppard, RonaldRoutledge1957Book
Practice and science of bread-makingKent-Jones, D W; Price, JohnNorthern Publishing Co1951Book
Breads white and brown: their place in thought and social historyMcCance, R A; Widdowson, Elsie MPitman Medical1956Book
Story of the 'Baxters': a history of the baking trade in Scotland and 100 years of the Scottish Association of Master BakersDandie, H JAberdeen University Press1990Book
Meal times at the millShand, HelaineOld Mill Lodge, McGregor, Cape Province, RSA1993Book
Biscuits from a Dorset villageMoores, G M; Moores, R KThe author1984Book
Bread and butterVince, JohnSorbus1992Book
Baking and bakeriesMuller, H GShire1986Book
Little brown bread bookEno, DavidJuniper Press1976Book
All about breadPatterson, GeoffreyFarming Press1984Book
Bread production under scientific managementWahl, Arnold SpencerBakers' Helper, Chicago1930Book
Basic science for bakery (and other foodstuff induistries) studentsEveriss, S F; Jewell, P S; Mulholland, HMaclaren and Sons Ltd.1949Book
Primer on breadmakingBennion, Edmund BOxford University Press1951Book
Bakery scienceDriver, John EdmundOxford University Press1946Book
Breadmaking: the modern revolutionWilliams, AHutchinson1975Book
Blessings of breadBailey, AdrianPaddington Press Ltd1975Book
White versus brown flourDunlap, F LWallace & Tiernan Ltd1945Book
Master Bakers' book of breadmakingRoebuck, MartinNational Association of Master Bakers1996Book
Introduction to the study of the principles of bread-makingDaniel, Albert R; Jago, William F C SMaclaren and Sons Ltd.1946Book
Vom Korn zum BrotLöber, UlrichLandesmuseum Koblenz1982Book
Hovis: celebrating 120 yearsOpie, RobertRHM plc2006Book
Favourite biscuit recipes: traditional plain and fancy tea-time treatsJ. Salmon LtdBook
Hovis centenaryRank Hovis LtdBook
Practice and science of bread-makingKent-Jones, D W; Mitchell, E FNorthern Publishing Co1962Book
Science and practice of confectioneryCampbell, Dugald; Ellis, DavidLongman1928Book
Twenty-one years' history of the National Association of Master Bakers and ConfectionersKirkland, JohnNetherlands Yeast & Spirit Co and Others1908Book
BreadcraftIrons, J RHudson & Stracey1935Book
Modern mannaOrt, GeorgeGeorge Ort1984Book
Chemistry and physics of baking: materials, processes, and productsBlanshard, J M V; Frazier, P J; Galliard, TRoyal Society of Chemistry1986Book
Technology of bread-making: including the chemistry and analytical and practical testing of wheat, flour, and other materials employed in bread-making and confectioneryJago, William C; Jago, William F C SSimpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent & Co1911Book
Technologie der BrotherstellungAuerman, L JVEB Fachbuchverlag1987Book
Science, raw materials and hygiene of bakingUrie, AlexanderMacdonald & Evans Ltd1952Book
Manufacture of biscuits, cakes and wafersFritsch, J; Grospierre, PSir Isaac Pitman & Sons1932Book
Baking and frozen dough marketMilling & Grain 2016AprilDigital
Rice flour bread. The increasing popularity of rice flour as an alternative to wheat flour in JapanMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Scientists discover earliest known evidence of bread makingMilling & Grain 2018AugustDigital
Mühlenchemie improves baking with composite flourMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Oldest bread in the worldMilling & Grain 2018DecemberDigital
De Trog launches Tritordeum bread in BelgiumMilling & Grain 2019DecemberDigital
Secrets to producing great flour for pastaMilling & Grain 2021FebruaryDigital
Archaeological study of baking and bread in New Kingdom EgyptDelwen, SamuelEThOS1994ID: 320039 Internet source
Aerated Bread CompanySheridan, JohnWandle Industrial Museum Bulletin2022Issue 114 (Spring)Digital
Oldest bakery school in the world celebrates 125- year anniversaryMilling & Grain 2020MarchDigital
Effect of flour quality on baking behaviourMilling & Grain 2021MarchDigital