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Rice flour bread. The increasing popularity of rice flour as an alternative to wheat flour in Japan - AugustMilling & Grain 2022Digital
Aerated Bread Company - Issue 114 (Spring)Sheridan, JohnWandle Industrial Museum Bulletin2022Digital
Mühlenchemie improves baking with composite flour - DecemberMilling & Grain 2022Digital
Effect of flour quality on baking behaviour - MarchMilling & Grain 2021Digital
Secrets to producing great flour for pasta - FebruaryMilling & Grain 2021Digital
Recent survey finds 27 million Brits baked during lockdown - SeptemberMilling & Grain 2020Digital
Oldest bakery school in the world celebrates 125- year anniversary - MarchMilling & Grain 2020Digital
De Trog launches Tritordeum bread in Belgium - DecemberMilling & Grain 2019Digital
World flour day - NovemberMilling & Grain 2019Digital
Oldest bread in the world - DecemberMilling & Grain 2018Digital
Scientists discover earliest known evidence of bread making - AugustMilling & Grain 2018Digital
Baking and frozen dough market - AprilMilling & Grain 2016Digital
Hovis: celebrating 120 yearsOpie, RobertRHM plc2006Book
Master Bakers' book of breadmakingRoebuck, MartinNational Association of Master Bakers1996Book
Archaeological study of baking and bread in New Kingdom Egypt - ID: 320039 Delwen, SamuelEThOS1994Internet source
Meal times at the millShand, HelaineOld Mill Lodge, McGregor, Cape Province, RSA1993Book
Bread and butterVince, JohnSorbus1992Book
Story of the 'Baxters': a history of the baking trade in Scotland and 100 years of the Scottish Association of Master BakersDandie, H JAberdeen University Press1990Book
Technologie der BrotherstellungAuerman, L JVEB Fachbuchverlag1987Book
Chemistry and physics of baking: materials, processes, and productsBlanshard, J M V; Frazier, P J; Galliard, TRoyal Society of Chemistry1986Book
Baking and bakeriesMuller, H GShire1986Book
Modern mannaOrt, GeorgeGeorge Ort1984Book
Biscuits from a Dorset villageMoores, G M; Moores, R KThe author1984Book
All about breadPatterson, GeoffreyFarming Press1984Book
Vom Korn zum BrotLöber, UlrichLandesmuseum Koblenz1982Book
English bread and yeast cookeryDavid, ElizabethAllen Lane1977Book
Little brown bread bookEno, DavidJuniper Press1976Book
Blessings of breadBailey, AdrianPaddington Press Ltd1975Book
Breadmaking: the modern revolutionWilliams, AHutchinson1975Book
Composite flour programmeChatelanat, R PUN FAO1973Book
Der praktische BäckerFritsch, EHugo Mattheas1964Book
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Historique de la meunerie et de la boulangerie: depuis les temps préhistoriques jusqu'à l'année 1914, tome 1 meunerieArpin, MarcelEditions le Chancelier1948Book
Historique de la meunerie et de la boulangerie: depuis les temps préhistoriques jusqu'à l'année 1914, tome 2 boulangerieArpin, MarcelEditions le Chancelier1948Book
Introduction to the study of the principles of bread-makingDaniel, Albert R; Jago, William F C SMaclaren and Sons Ltd.1946Book
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Twenty-one years' history of the National Association of Master Bakers and ConfectionersKirkland, JohnNetherlands Yeast & Spirit Co and Others1908Book