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The Advent of Modern Milling

Highlights from Old Journals

The Mills Archive lead trustee for the Roller Flour Mill Initiative is Mildred Cookson. She writes a monthly article for the publication Milling and Grain, produced by Perendale Publishers. These articles have been reproduced here and are available to read:

The Miller

‘The Miller – is probably the oldest milling magazine that comes to mind when researchers are seeking out mill-related articles from the past…’ 
This article contains a history and description of the British milling journal, The Miller.


‘Milling is the other highly regarded milling magazine to have been published in Victorian Britain…’ 
This article contains a history and description of the British milling journal, Milling.

Northwestern Miller

‘The third of the significant journals from the 19th Century that I am highlighting is The Weekly Northwestern Miller…’
 This article contains a brief history and description of the American publication, The Northwestern Miller.

Knapp Roller Mills, Christchurch, Near Bournemouth

‘The water-powered, Knapp Roller Mills were situated in the beautiful open countryside approaching Christchurch, near Bournemouth, on the river Avon under the shadow of Christchurch Priory…’

Learn more about this installation and the mill here

Newington Mill, Ramsgate

‘It was well known that Messrs J. J. Armfield of Ringwood, Hampshire seemed to have had the special knack of fitting their machines into impossible corners…’ Such was the case at Newington Mill.

Read more about Armfield’s installation and the mill here.

Messrs. Press Brothers’ Green Cap Flour Mills, Great Yarmouth

‘An interesting example is the Yare Flour Mill, which, around the year 1886, was fitted out with a complete roller system by WR Dell & Son of 26 Mark Lane, London…’

Read about the Press Brothers and their conversion to roller machinery here.

The Earsham Roller Flour Mills on the River Waveney in Norfolk

‘Its history dates back to Saxon times and the mill adjoins an ancient earthworks believed to be from this period…’

Learn more about the history of this mill and the individuals who worked it here.

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