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The Advent of Modern Milling

Blog Posts

On this page you can find links to blog posts written by members of the archive charting the growth of our roller milling project, visit to roller mills and interesting finds of the week!

‘On a roll: the world’s first roller flour mill archive and library!’ 
‘Roller flour mills at the Mills Archive
‘5 lesser known figures of the Industrial Revolution’
‘One dark night in France whilst on sentry duty…’
‘Ötzi the Iceman’
‘WWI’s personal effects on 2 roller mill dynasties’
‘The mill with a confused identity’
‘Bowled over by our lastest finds!’
‘The Great British (and American) Bake Off’
‘Building a mill, without the twiddly bits’
‘Thomas Hardy and the World of Milling’
‘William Cornwell and Sun Flour Mills’
‘The Surprising Uses for flour sacks!’
‘For wheat, like men, is always found mixed good and bad, diseased and sound!’
‘The match between the floury men and the iron men’
‘Heygates: our adventure into a modern roller flour mill’
‘Crimes of milling: part 2’
‘Transport, feed and pets’
‘Detective work from the UK to New Zealand’
‘Unusual Places to find a Mill’
‘Meg O’ The Mill’
‘The Invisible Gender?’
‘A Visit to Jordans Mill’
‘Roller Milling Romances’
‘Milling Families’