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Vertical Waterwheel

A WATERWHEEL mounted on a horizontal AXLE and therefore rotates in a vertical plane. It can have a number of features, among which are the following:- (1) see ARMS (2). (2) see CLASP ARM. (3) see COMPASS ARM WHEEL. (4) see HUB. (5) see RIM GEARING. (6) see SUSPENSION WHEEL. The waterwheel's rim may also have a number of features, depending on the type of wheel:- (1) see BAYS. (2) see BUCKETS. (3) see FLOATS. (4) see SHROUDS. (5) see SOLE. (6) see STARTS. A vertical waterwheel may operate in various ways in order to make the best use of the water available on the site:- (1) see BREAST SHOT WHEEL (2) see HIGH BREAST WHEEL (3) see LOW BREAST WHEEL (4) see OVERSHOT WHEEL (5) see PITCHBACK WHEEL (6) see PONCELET WHEEL (7) see UNDERSHOT WHEEL