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N/P Powder
Black-powder made with nitrate of potash.

N/S Powder
Black-powder made with nitrate of soda.

See Nave.

See Winterbourne.

The central casting of a wheel holding axle and spokes. See also HUB.

A two-wheeled timber bob for carting timber. Also known as a JIGGER.

Neck Bearing
(1) The front main BEARING of a WINDSHAFT, resting on a BREAST BEAM. (2) BEARING in the centre of a BEDSTONE.

Neck Boss
See Neck Brass.

Neck Box
See Neck Bearing.

Neck Brass
The brass BEARING carrying the WINDSHAFT neck JOURNAL. A brass NECK BEARING(1).

Neck Journal
See Neck Bearing.

Neck Of Stone Spindle
The upper JOURNAL of the STONE SPINDLE, where it passes through the EYE of the BEDSTONE.

Neck Of Windshaft
The front JOURNAL bearing of the WINDSHAFT revolving in the NECK BEARING.

Neck Studs
Upright bars on the BREAST BEAM which hold the neck bearing in position. Also called WEATHER STUDS.

Needle Mill
A water-powered manufactury in which wire is used to make, polish and sharpen sewing needles and like items.

Nether Stone

Nether stone
See Bedstone.

New Process
The process of high milling used in the USA before the introduction of the modern roller mill.

Name applied to paper for printing newspapers. It is the cheapest type made.

The domed protrusion (or extension) on the top of a STONE SPINDLE which engages with a dimple on the underside of the BRIDGE to locate and support a RUNNER STONE.

Where a stream is constricted and the water velocity is increased.

The gap between rolls in a corning machine.

The domed top of a stone spindle designed to locate in the dimple of the BRIDGE-BAR. Same as COCKHEAD (Kent).

Horizontal piece set between studding or roof rafters, to stiffen the framework.

Noria Wheel
A type of UNDERSHOT WATERWHEEL, for lifting water for irrigation by means of containers attached to the periphery of the wheel. Explore other types of waterwheel in our Thematic Glossary.

Norway Engine
An early term for the water-powered frame saw.

Nose Helve
A TILT HAMMER in which the cams lift the HELVE at a point beyond the hammer head (c.f.: BELLY HELVE).

Nose Helve Hammer
The cams lift the helve at a point beyond the hammer head.

Notch Block
See Many Height.

A small driven COGWHEEL or GEAR WHEEL such as a STONE NUT.

Nut Head Screw
A coach screw.