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Oat Crusher
See Oat Roller.

Oat Dust
The fine (by-product) dust resulting from milling oat kernels. See also SCREE DUST.

Oat Roller
A machine with CAST IRON or STEEL rollers for crushing oats, but not grinding it.

Oat Screenings
The rejects when cleaning oats before grinding. (Applies to oats before they are SHELLED.)

Avent Sp. ( Gramineae). Grows well on poor soils with heavy rainfalls. used for oatmeal, porridge and animal feed. See GRAIN

Octagon Frame
Octagonal frame under a curb. Same purpose as Hexagon frame.

Inferior product of flour milling fed to livestock.

Ogee Cap
Cap is convex below, concave above, (onion shaped) often surmounted by a sphere or ball. (typically East Anglian but also in Yorkshire. See CAP

Oil Engine
An internal combustion engine, in which heat evaporates the (paraffin) oil before ignition.

Oil Mill
A mill equipped with edge-runner stones and/or stamps for the extraction of vegetable oils.

Oil Ring
In a BEARING having an oil reservoir, a loose ring dipping into the oil rotates on the JOURNAL, lifting up oil to lubricate the bearing

Onion Head
See Cock Head.

Onion Joint
Universal joint in a push rod, allowing rotation, perhaps lateral and transverse movement (e.g. STRIKING ROD in a windmill).

Open Framed Sweeps
A skeletal framed sail which is used where the mill is no longer used to give the appearance of authenticity.

Open Post Mill
Post mill without a roundhouse to protect the trestle.

Open Stones
Course grained stones with a 'bubble' texture.

Open Trestle Post Mill
See Open Post Mill.

Out Of House
The operation of pushing the sails away from the body of the mill. See also INTO HOUSE.

Out Of Jack
The millstone is not running true - out of balance.

Outer Head
See Headstock.

Outer Wheel
See Waterwheel.

(1) Braces supporting the tail pole of a smock or tower mill. (2) The joists beneath a cap stage.

PANNIERS (old Lancs. term).

Outside Rule
See Hemlath.

Outside Winder
A tower or smock mill with the cap turned by a tail pole; known in Holland as BUITENKRUIER.

See Sucken (Suckeners).

RUNNER STONES driven from above by QUANTS.

Overdrift Millstones
See Overdrift.

See Overdrift.

A WHEEL, PULLEY etc., which is mounted towards the end of a SHAFT, which does not have a BEARING between it and the end of the shaft.

Overshot Waterwheel
A WATERWHEEL where water is carried to the top of the wheel, discharging into BUCKETS on far side, turning it in the same direction as the flow along the PENTROUGH, utilising the weight of water to turn it. Explore other types of waterwheel in our Thematic Glossary.

See Spillway.

Impurities removed from grain by sieving. They tail over the end of the sieve. Sometimes they will be the wanted and sometimes the unwanted product.

Ox Mill
See Gin.