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Used in SPRING SAILS and come in a number of forms. (1) COILED. In the form of a helix. (2) ELLIPTIC. Two curved spring members, normally LAMINATED, hinged together at their ends after the fashion used in horse drawn vehicles. Used to control amount the shutters of spring shutter sail can open. Situated near heel of the sail. (3) HALF ELLIPTIC. Comprising one curved spring member, normally laminated. (4) QUARTER ELLIPTIC. Comprising half of a HALF ELLIPTIC spring, normally laminated. (5) SINGLE LEAF. An unlaminated ELLIPTIC spring. (6) LAMINATED. An ELLIPTIC-type spring built up from two or more thin spring components in order to give greater strength and flexibility.

Alternative terms

Term Language Region
Coiled Spring English
Elliptic Spring English
Half Elliptic Spring English
Laminated Spring English
Quarter-Elliptic Spring English
Single-Leaf Spring English