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Device set across eye of the runner to support the stone and take the drive. Also known as a CROSS, RIND, BRIDGE, RYND. See GIMBAL and SILE. (1) BALANCE RHYND A two-armed, flexible support for a RUNNER STONE consisting of an iron bar or BRIDGE secured across the EYE of the stone. A dimple in the underside of the bridge fits over the COCK HEAD of the STONE SPINDLE and serves to centre the stone on the spindle. A shaped iron MACE fits on the spindle to engage the bar and rotate the stone. (2) FIXED RHYND. A three or four-armed cross-piece which holds the RUNNER STONE firmly above the BEDSTONE. (3) STIFF RHYND. A collar fitted to the top end of a STONE SPINDLE which has three or four arms or spokes which fit into sockets cut round the EYE of the RUNNER STONE to carry the weight of the stone and control the gap between the grinding faces.

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Alternative terms

Term Language Region
Balance Rhynd English
Crossbar English as used by old miller in Hants.
Fixed Rynd English
Mill Rind English
Millstone Bridge English
Rhind English
Rind English Scotland
Rynd English
Stiff Rhynd English