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Poll End

The end of a WINDSHAFT, which usually has two apertures set at right angles, through which the STOCKS are passed and secured by wedges. With a wooden windshaft, the apertures are mortised through the end of the shaft. Splitting of the end is prevented by fitting GRAPPLING IRONS. Wooden shafts often had their rotten ends cut off and replaced by a CAST-IRON combined Poll End and NECK JOURNAL which was secured in the same way as a CROSS-TAILED GUDGEON to the end of the WINDSHAFT remaining inside the mill. Cast-iron windshafts were usually cast in one piece complete with Poll End, though jointed windshafts are occasionally found. Also known as a CANISTER.

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Alternative terms

Term Language Region
Canister English
Canister Box English
Cross-Eye English
Poll English
Sail Box English