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Horizontal Wind-powered Tannery in Sandwich, Kent (?)

Author: Rob Cumming

I’ve recently been looking through a newish website called British Newspapers Online which has a wealth of national and regional newspapers from 1750-1950. It is searchable by string (although the search engine doesn’t work too well). I’ve found some fascinating advertisements placed. The following one intrigues me, as it appears to be a horizontal windmill attached to a tannery in Sandwich, Kent:

Poster Image

To Tanners, Builders, Farmers, and others:

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by MR John Hicks (without reserve)

On WEDNESDAY, the 16th day of MARCH, in the year 1842, on the Premises (The Sale to commence at 10 o’ clock:-

All the MATERIALS of that substantial brick built DWELLING HOUSE, and the fixtures therein, lately occupied by Mr Anthony Slaughter; likewise the horizontal WINDMILL, with the entire machinery for working the same; also all that extensive range of OUTBUILDINGS, comprising a large brick-built storehouse, with slated roof containing first, second, and third floors, and fittings formerly used in the wool trade, two long timber built drying sheds, with tiled roof, barn, stable, mill-house and beam house.  The whole of the plank contained in the plant, a quantity of stone paving and bricks, also a lead cistern in oak frame; the whole of which will be put into lots, to be taken down and removed from the premises.
May be viewed and the particulars and catalogues had seven days prior to the day of Sale, on application to the Auctioneer, Market-street, Sandwich.
N.B. : the FREEHOLD LAND whereon the above buildings stand, and the garden ground near, which is also Freehold, with the walls around the same, will be SOLD by AUCTION, in Two Lots, shortly, and if not disposed of by Private Contract, respecting which Application can be made to MR KENNETT, Solicitor, Dover.”

Has anyone ideas where this may have stood, or any further information on it? as it appears to have eluded published sources before.