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Overview of the history of wind turbine development: Part 1 —The early wind turbines until the 1960sGipe, Paul; Möllerström, ErikWind Engineering2022Volume 46, Issue 6Digital
Overview of the history of wind turbine development: Part 2 –The 1970s onwardGipe, Paul; Möllerström, ErikWind Engineering2022September 8Digital
Berte Qvarn. The natural choiceMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Economics of workplace safetyMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Argonauta. Part 8.1Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Evolution of grain & oilseed analysis methodsMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Eccentric millers of oldHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Black Sea Initiative Ukraine grain exports exceed one million tonnesMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Pilot of new wheat variety improves yield for Ethiopian farmersMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Milling journals of the past. Mr J Cooke’s Pinsley Mills, LeominsterCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Egypt continues to weather the impacts of significant global shocksMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Understanding protein variability in Canadian fieldsMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Pioneering in postbioticsMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
SEC’s microalgae project. A step forward towards securing the supply of food and establishing resilient, sustainable agri-food systemsMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Fortifying futures. Celebrating 20 years of preventing global vitamin & mineral deficiencies through flour fortificationMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Flow & bulk scales in rice milling. Taking measurements to optimise yield and efficiencyMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Brown rice flour. Introducing the new substitute for wheat flour achieved through wet milling methodMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Learning the latest advance being made in bagging technology. A group of milling professionals tour a Premier Tech manufacturing facility in Belgium: Here’s what they sawMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. French windmillsKnight, AmandaMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Milling journals of the past. On the shores of Loch Ryan Messrs Hannay extend their provender plantCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Seed trade crucial to curb global food insecurityMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
World economy is in flux - as seen from a UK perspectiveGilbert, RogerMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Stansted Windmill, EssexHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Christy Turner & I’Anson. A relationship that spans over 45 years with flaking mills that are just as robustMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Commodity handling equipment. Why understanding what the right configuration for your operation is keyMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Argonauta. Part 8.2Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Whole vs refined grains. Findings of recent study indicates a link between grain choice & heart healthMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Egypt’s private-sector wheat importers suffer an urgent crisisMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Grain Improvers. Higher milling efficiency & flour qualityMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
First half of autumn sees 10.4 million tonnes shipped from UkraineMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Milling journals of the past. Modernisation at Lincoln Messrs Le Tall install new machines at Crown MillsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Leiber constructs new sustainable biomass power plantMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Tackling the global food crisisLe Page, MichaelNew Scientist2022May 28Article
Sustainable Energy Systems in LAC as a part of Energy SustainabilityTama, A; Tama, A S; Tama, V CAcademia Letters2022MayDigital
Ukraine at war. An assessment of the country’s current grain storage and transportation situationMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Argonauta. Part 6Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Transforming wheat into flour. The numerous and varied tools for preparing laboratory samplesMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Roller mills. A study of the effects of sandblasting on the surface morphology of grinding rollersMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Sustainability goes mainstream; A re-invention of capitalism in the matrix of our anthropocene dietCooper, JamesMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Milling journals of the past. Aktie Bolaget Majornas Anghageri Robinson’s Remodel Swedish Rye and Wheat Mill 1Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Windmills of Nantucket, USA 1Hodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Prof Dr Katharina Scherf receives 2022 Harald Perten PrizeMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Farmers warn Ukraine war will hit UK food pricesMeierhans, JenniferBBC News2022March 10Website
Schafler's Kornkraft shows its strengthMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
IFF’s ‘Insect Revolution’Milling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
Argonauta. Part 5Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
World Flour Day 2022: Celebrating Flour Fortification’s LegacyLourekas, AliciaMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
Sake rice milling. The very latest developments in a fast growing industryMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
Flexibility teamed with balanced & economical nutritionMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
March 20 – World Flour Day. Celebrating the importance of flour for humanityMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital