Transactions of the Fourteenth Symposium of the International Molinological Society


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Papers included: 50 years of TIMS; Astra Museum of Mills; Mills of the California missions (USA); Medieval sugar mills on Cyprus; Watermills in Transcarpathian region (Zakarpatska Oblast) in Ukraine; Mellor mill (cotton)and its waterwheels (Lancashire, England); International Mill Database; Takahara watermill – the oldest existing wooden watermill in Shikoku Island (Japan); Minsk Castle site (Belarus); Horizontal threshing mill in northern Sweden; Prayer wheels using renewable energies in Bhutan; Historic windmills of the Bodrum Peninsulana in Western Anatolia, Turkey; Boat mills in Europe – additions to the gazetteer; Tidal mills in the Netherlands; Anton Ten Bruggencate 1885-1957 – an early Dutch molinologist; Irrigation by wind power on the Great Plains of the United States; Reconstruction of Heron’s wind-powered organ; Pálinka-mills in the Carpathian Basin; Watermills in Podillya ethnographic region of Ukraine; General philosophy on preservation; Revival of mills in Greece; Osmaston Manor – advanced waterpower on an English country estate (Derbyshire, England); Jean Delmas and the creation of the Rouergue Museum (Aveyron, France); Conservation policy on Āsbāds (Persian windmills) based on archaeological categorization; Mill preservation in Hungarian museums; Traditional milling in the exhibition of the Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzow (Poland); Milling in Caraş-Severin County (Romania); Watermills and windmills in open air museums within the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region (Poland); Le Moulin Chapelle (Anjou, France); Windmills of the Estonian Islands.

Informal contributions include: Kinderdijk (Netherlands); Windmills of Kaliningrad (historic region of Eastern Prussia); Water supply conduits for horizontal watermills; Millers and lady millers 100 years ago in old postcards; Waters of the Azenha – De Santa Cruz watermill (Portugal).

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