Transactions of the Twelfth symposium of The International Molinological Society


Held in Netherlands in 2007.

TIMS Transactions contain all papers presented at our symposia and also give an impression of the symposium itself as well as the excursion. Topics covered include Over 40 years of Molinology – where Do we Stand?, Sugar Cane milling, Power Windmills in North America, The Stone Grinding Mills of the Churnet Valley, The origin of the Postmill – a Hypothesis, Regolfo watermills, Greek Windmill Sails, The Inclined Treadwheel, A tide mill in Portugal, A Typology of Watermills North of the Danube, Watermills at La Sauve Majeure in France, Liverpool Windmills, as well as a number of contributions on drainage and drainage mills. Full colour edition, 520 pages. All Transactions are A4 in size and contain many black and white photographs, drawings, etc. A heavy book!

Topics of presented papers:

sugarcane milling ( world-wide )
wind engines ( North America )
watermills; stone grinding ( England (Churnet Valley) )
mills; tragedy or romance ( Denmark )
post mill; origin; hypothesis ( world-wide )
windmills or wind generators built by E. Lancaster Burne ( England )
regolfo watermills ( world-wide )
windmill sails; jib sails ( Greece )
treadwheel; inclined ( world-wide )
tide mill of Cais ( Portugal (Montijo) )
watermills; horizontal ( Romania (East Carpathian Basin) )
windmills; old ( England (Liverpool) )
milling; historical overview ( Greece (Olymbos, Karpathos) )
watermills ( France (SW) )
boat mills ( Europe )
landscape; formation; role of drainage ( Netherlands, The (western) )
mils; drainage; wind-driven; first known references ( Belgium / France (Ghent and Saint-Omer) )
windmills; drainage; land reclamation 17th century ( Netherlands, The (North Holland) )
windmills; drainage; fens ( England (Eastern) )
drainage; stepped ( Netherlands, The (western) )
mills; ancient in modern times ( Netherlands, The (Utrecht) )
world heritage site ( Netherlands, The (Kinderdijk) )
mills and policy ( Netherlands, The )
what have we learned? ( Netherlands, The / Belgium / England )
flour manufacture; 1750-1860 ( USA )
sugar mills and salt pans ( Indonesia (Java) )
mills; corn ( South Africa (Cape Town; Liesbeek Valley) )
windmill sail twist; comparison and calculations ( world-wide )

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  • Author(s): Various authors
  • Publisher: TIMS: The International Molinological Society
  • Publication year: 2008
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