Flour milling processes


First edition.

Hard cover, 416pp., with many b/w photographs, tables and diagrams.

The book contains valuable information, both theoretical and practical. The purpose is discussion and investigation of processes.

Part I – Wheat treatment:

Wheat cleaning and preparation; Machines used in wheat cleaning; The behavior of moisture in wheat; Conditioning; The bushel weight of wheat.

Part II – Milling:

Break roll action, Distribution of break and scratch roll surface; Observation and tests on the work of the break rolls; Scalping and grading; Purification; The reduction system; Sundry experiments on reduction roll grinding; Flour dressing; Flour extraction; Characteristics of the various machine and commercial flours; Moisture in the mill stocks; Water cooling of rolls.

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  • Author(s): Scott, J H
  • Publisher: Chapman and Hall
  • Publication year: 1936