Flour Milling


A Theoretical and Practical Handbook of Flour Manufacture for Millers, Millwrights, Flour-Milling Engineers, and Others Engaged in the Flour-Milling Industry. Translated from the Russian by M Falkner and Theodor Fjelstrup.

Third impression

Hard cover, 582 pp., 543 illustrations and 65 tables.

“A practical and theoretical text book for operative millers and milling engineers”.

Historical Outline of Flour Milling

General Ideas of the Raw Materials for Flour Production

Preparation of Grain for Grinding

Grinding the Grain

Grading the Product According to Size

Grading the Product According to Specific Gravity

Accessory Appliances and Mechanisms

Milling Diagrams

Construction of Mill Buildings

The Cost of Erecting and of Working Mills

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  • Author(s): Kozmin, Peter A
  • Publisher: George Routledge and Sons
  • Publication year: 1921