A history of dams


Hard cover with dust jacket. 280pp., with many b/w photographic plates, drawings, maps and diagrams.

In this book the emphasis has been placed on the early periods in dam-building rather than on recent decades. Thus the story is related in some detail down to the end of the nineteenth century but, after that, is only a survey.

Although the period covered is extensive – from the earliest times down to the present day – the account is restricted geographically to the countries of the Near and Middle East, parts of Africa, Europe and the Americas. The history of dams in India (with a a few exceptions) and the Far East (even though Japan’s old dams are numerous) has been excluded.


The Romans

Byzantium and Persia

The Moslems

Christian Spain

The Early Americas


The First Half of the Nineteenth Century

The Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

The Twentieth Century

The Last Twenty Years

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  • Author(s): Smith, Norman
  • Publisher: Peter Davies
  • Publication year: 1971
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