The Millers and the mills of Ireland; a list dating from 1700 – 1900


Locations of Mills with the names of Proprietors and Millers from an assortment of Irish Archival Records

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This list contains over 10,000 names of mill-folk of roughly a two hundred-year period. These were either active millers or proprietors of each mill that it has been possible to locate in the large collection of archival records at our disposal today.

The Society for the preservation of ancient and traditional Irish Mills:

Our records, the result of many years collecting mill data, are now quite considerable. We think they provide a more complete list of Ireland’s early industrial sites of operation than any other single publication available today.

It is not possible to state with conviction how many mills rested on Irish soil in the 19th century but for an estimate a figure approaching 6,000 is suggested.

This list of millers contains about 310 names of ladies (just over 3% of total).


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