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More mills in the news

Here’s another round up of mills featured in the news over the past few weeks.

Wheat field. Photo: Sue Watts

As we mentioned in our previous blog, the impact of the pandemic on mills has been significant, with flour still in short supply and many smaller and traditional mills working overtime to meet demand.

In spite of the huge increase in demand from home bakers, however, the lockdown may lead to a fall in total flour consumption. There is also likely to be a smaller wheat harvest than usual this year due to dry weather.

Here are some of the stories from the media about the impact on traditional mills:

The larger mills are of course playing their part too, with mills and bakeries making donations to the NHS and local charities. Similar stories could be told about mills worldwide, but I’ll leave that for another blog.

Thanks to those who have contacted us to send information and pictures to add to the archive. If you’re involved with a mill, let us know how things are going through the contact page.