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Explore Anglesey Windmills

Windmills are an important part of the history of the island of Anglesey. Here are some of the resources on Anglesey mills in the Archive.

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Our database lists 48 windmills on the island, many still standing and some long gone. A recent addition to our catalogue is the SPAB’s Anglesey file from their 1929 mill survey – you can view the contents here. The most comprehensive resource on Anglesey windmills is the book by Guise and Lees – an updated edition was released in 2010 and is available in our shop.

You can help us improve our holdings – take a look at the Anglesey mill images where we have not yet identified the mills and get in touch if you know which mills they are. If you have photos of Anglesey mills you would like to send us you can enter these into the Great British Mill Race.

Above: Melin Llynon, July 1936