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Watermills and Windmills of Middlesex (Second Edition)

Watermill gazetteer F


Dollis Brook, early mill

In 1430 a piece of land in Finchley was called Millcroft, and in 1764 two closes known as Millfields, bounded by the Brook and by Hendon Lane and the Bibblesworth demesne lands suggested the presence of a watermill(1).

(1) BLHL Acc.8665; LMA Acc.1368/2


River Thames, early mill

In the fourteenth century a mill stood here on the extensive lands owned by the Bishop of London. In 1307 and 1316 there are references in the manorial records to the “mill ditch” and in 1355 to “the pond of the mill”. In 1464-5 the mill and mill house were derelict and unoccupied, and there is no evidence that the former survived for long after this date, but this part of the river continued to be known as Millbank for some considerable time.