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Oldland Windmill: then and now

Two images, one taken in the early 1900s and the second taken just last week, make for an interesting comparison.

Poster Image

The Chairman of Oldland Mill Trust, Stuart Meier, was inspired to take a photo of the mill just last week, with a light dusting of snow. Since then he came across an older image held at the Mills Archive, and was struck by the similarity of the photos, which were both taken at a similar angle. It also shows how attractively the mill has since been restored.

The image on the left can be found on our catalogue and is a glass plate negative from the Frank Gregory Collection and was created in approximately 1914. Click here to see it on our catalogue. Stuart took the right on the right hand side*

Oldland Mill Trust is a Corporate Friend, and you can see more photos and read about the history of the mill here.

*Copyright Stuart Meier