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Who were the most interesting?

We all know the names of the great and the good in the mill world – but who were the most interesting mill people? My vote goes to EM Gardner, but you may have better ideas.

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Miss Gardner managed to persuade Rex Wailes and the powers that be of the importance of watermills. She must have been a formidable lady as she ensured that watermills were added to the remit of the SPAB Windmill Section, which had been going strong for the best part of two decades.

We want to highlight the contribution of as many mill people as possible to the subject, but where do we start? 

Please suggest as many names as possible if you think we should include them – the more the merrier! 

Millers, millwrights, molinologists, engineers, photographers, mill owners, others – if you think they are worth adding please suggest them. They can be contemporary or historical figures; whoever you like.