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Wokingham Watermills

Colin Mitchell has emailed asking for help with information on a second watermill in Wokingham, Berkshire. His query follows:

Ken Major’s 1963 survey of Berkshire Watermills (Berkshire Archaeological Journal Volume 61 1963-4) shows two mills on the Emm Brook as it flowed through Wokingham. One of these, Emmbrook or Little Mill at OS 800695, has a fairly well documented history but there seems to be little known about the other. 
This unnamed mill was located at OS 808680 and there was still a building and waterwheel when Ken inspected it in 1963 (there are copies of his photographs at the National Monument Record). At that stage the building was used as Wokingham District Rover Scout Den but I have failed to find any information on its working life as a mill, neither have I found any trace of the building on any map.
Can anyone add to my limited knowledge of this watermill please?