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John Munnings Collection

Authors: Nathanael Hodge & Laura Felton-Hustwitt The John Munnings Collection contains detailed watermill sketches by artist John Munnings, together with his notes and the typescript for a

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Over Family Collection

The Over Family Collection contains records relating to the family’s work in milling in the 19th and 20th centuries, a period of significant change in the milling

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Peter Dolman Collection

Peter Dolman was a millwright and mill expert from Suffolk. His extensive collection contains photographs and research on wind and watermills throughout the UK. PETER DOLMAN’S LIFE WORKING

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Geoff Holman Collection

Geoff Holman came from a family of millwrights, the Holmans of Canterbury, and this milling connection in his family sparked a life long interest in traditional mills. His

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E M Gardner Collection

Emilie Montgomery Gardner, known to the milling world as E. M. Gardner, remains an elusive and enigmatic character shrouded in mystery. Miss Gardner worked as

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