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LONG & KENcompanyMillerCarisbrooke Mill IOWIsle of WightGB19071935
LONG & KENcompanyMillerCarisbrooke Mill IOWIsle of WightGB19071935
WHILLIERpersonMillerCalbourne Lower MillIsle of WightGB19071935
WESTMOREJOLLIFFEpersonMillerNewport Yafford MillIsle of WightGB19071935
THOMASpersonMillerNewport Pan MillIsle of WightGB19071935
PUYpersonMillerBrading Alverstone MillIsle of WightGB19071935
ROACHpersonMillerWhippingham W East Medina MillIsle of WightGB19071935
SARTERpersonMillerWootton IOW Binstead MillIsle of WightGB19071935
FISK & FOSTER (or FISHER)companyMillerNewport St Cross MillIsle of WightGB19231935
FISK & FOSTER (or FISHER)companyMillerNewport St Cross MillIsle of WightGB19231935
FISK & FOSTER (or FISHER)companyMillerNewport St Cross MillIsle of WightGB19231935
EYLES & WOOLDRIDGEcompanyMillerNewport East StIsle of WightGB19071935
EYLES & WOOLDRIDGEcompanyMillerNewport East StIsle of WightGB19071935
Guy, Harry & soncompanyMillersAlverstone BradingIsle of WightGB19151927
ROACHJ ( John in 1927 )personMillerNewport ( & Whippimgham )Isle of WightGB18671927
SOUTERLeonard s WilliampersonMillerWootton Bridge MillIsle of WightGB19091923
WOODSpersonMillerGatcombe Mill IOWIsle of WightGB19071923
ROACHpersonMillerCarisbrooke West MillIsle of WightGB19071923
FISHpersonMillerBrightstone Mill IOWIsle of WightGB19071923
MorrisAlfred OliverpersonMill ownerBembridgeIsle of WightGB19021913 c.
OrchardErnestpersonMillerBembridgeIsle of WightGB19021913
SCOVELLpersonMillerNewport Westminster Flour MillIsle of WightGB19071911
WAYpersonMillerRyde St Helens MillIsle of WightGB19071911
SAUNDERSpersonMillerShalfleet Mill IOWIsle of WightGB19071911
Bannister, Henry & CocompanyMillerSteam works Medina Rope Manufactory CowesIsle of WightGB18951911
BEEDENpersonMillerWroxall IOW Bridge Court MillIsle of WightGB19071911
ATRILLpersonMillerVentnor Ford MillIsle of WightGB19071911
AshpersonMillerBlackwater mills & Pan Mill NewportIsle of WightGB18951911
Arnell brotherscompanyMillersHome Steam Mill Mill St. NewportIsle of WightGB18781911
ARNELLpersonMillerNewport Home Roller MillIsle of WightGB19071911
SweetmanEdwardpersonMillerUpton, Upton Farm. AldermoorIsle of WightGB18851895 c.
TuffleyRobert LutherpersonMillerBembridgeIsle of WightGB18851895
TUFFLEYRobert LutherpersonTenant or millerBembridge WindmillIsle of WightGB18851895
DennettLouisapersonMill ownerBembridgeIsle of WightGB1885 c.1889 c.
ROBERTSM JpersonMillerVentnor Mill StreetIsle of WightGB18551888
WHITEWOODEpersonMillerMottistone IOWIsle of WightGB18551888
MORGANM ( Mark )personMillerGodshillIsle of WightGB18551888
WAYEpersonMillerNewport Lugley StIsle of WightGB18551888
WAYJpersonMillerShorwellIsle of WightGB18551888
WAYRpersonMillerCarisbrookeIsle of WightGB18551888
WAYDpersonMillerCalbourneIsle of WightGB18551888
T & J ROACHcompanyMillerNewport West MillIsle of WightGB18551888
THEOBALDJpersonMillerYarmouth MiddletonIsle of WightGB18551888
HORLOCKH WpersonMillerBradingIsle of WightGB18551888
HuntJamespersonMillerBembridgeIsle of WightGB18651881
FITTArthur James WardpersonMillerNiton Newchurch Newport IOWIsle of WightGB18591879
SouterJohnpersonMillerUpton, Upton Farm. AldermoorIsle of WightGB18611878
ROACHT R ( Thomas Robinson )personMillerEast Cowes East Medina MillIsle of WightGB18551875
FISKEJ ( James )personMillerBrightstone IOW ( Brixton )Isle of WightGB18671875
BLAKEJpersonMillerYarmouth St James' SquareIsle of WightGB18551875

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