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Abortion of the young steam engineer's guideEvans, Oliver; Ferguson, Eugene SFry and Kammerer1805Book
Aire and Calder Navigation Act 914HMSO1914Legal document
American miller and millwright's assistantHughes, William CHenry Carey Baird1851Book
Best means of preventing the pollution of rivers, 1st and 2nd reportsHMSO1870Book
Best means of preventing the pollution of rivers, 5th and 6th reportsHMSO1874Book
Beverley Water; 6 inch Ordnance Map between Holderness Pumping Station and BeverleyOrdnance Survey1893Map
Book of WheatDondlinger, Peter TracyOrange Judd Company1919Book
British corn trade: from the earliest times to the present dayBarker, ArthurSir Isaac Pitman & Sons1917Book
Chronicles of London BridgeThomson, RichardSmith Elder1827Book
Colony of German miners at KeswickCrosthwaite, J Fisher1882Book
Construction of mill damsLeffel, JamesNoyes Press1881Book
Court minutes of the Surrey & Kent Sewer Commission, Vol 1Gomme, G LLondon County Council1909Book
Cuban Cane Sugar: a Sketch of the Industry, from Soil to Sack, Together with a Survey of the Circumstances Which Combine to Make Cuba The Sugar Bowl of the WorldWiles, RobertThe Bobbs-Merrill Company1916Book
Der Bau und Betrieb der Oelmühlen: ein praktisches Handbuch für Oelmüller, Mühlen- und Maschinenbauer so wie fur Unternchmer und Techniker uberhaupScholl, E FCarl Wilhelm Leske Verlag1844Book
Dictionary of arts and sciences, Vol 1Gregory, GRichard Phillips1806Book
Dictionary of arts and sciences, Vol 2Gregory, GRichard Phillips1807Book
Dictionary of arts, manufactures and minesUre, AndrewLongman1839Book
Dodd's curiosities of industryDodd, GeorgeH. Lea, London1852Book
Electrical power: and its generation, transmission and use for all purposesElectrical Power1905Book
Electricity from the windJ G Childs & Co Ltd, London1909Copied document
Elizabethan Keswick: extracts from the original account bookks 1564-1577, of the German miners, in the archives of AugsburgCollingwood, W GTitus Wilson1912Book
Evolution of Kingston-upon-Hull as shewn by its plans with illustrationsSheppard, ThomasA. Brown & Sons1911Book
Expériences sur la roues hydrauliques a axe vertical: et sur l'ecoulement de l'eau dans les coursiers et dans les buses de forme pyramidalePiobert, G; Tardy, A LLibrairie scientifique-industrielle de L. Mathias1840Book
Flour manufacture: a treatise on milling science and practiceKick, Friedrich; Powles, H H PCrosby Lockwood and Son1888Book
Flour milling: a theoretical and practical handbook of flour manufacture for millers, millwrights, flour milling engineers, and others engaged in the flour-milling industryKozmin, Peter AGeorge Routledge & Sons1917Book
Force of the windChatley, HerbertCharles Griffin1919Book
Grundriss der Turbinen TheorieBrauer, Ernst AVerlag von S Hirzel1899Book
Harnessing of NiagaraStetson, Francis LyndeCassier Magazine Co1895Book
High-pressure water-power works and Results of experiments with Francis turbines and tangential (Pelton) turbinesPrasil, Franz; Zodel, LInstitution of Mechanical Engineers1911Book
History of corn milling, vol.1: handstones, slave and cattle millsBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnSimpkin, Marshall & Company1898Book
History of corn milling, vol.1: handstones, slave and cattle millsBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnSimpkin, Marshall & Company1899Book
History of corn milling, vol.2: watermills and windmillsBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnSimpkin, Marshall & Company1899Book
History of corn milling, vol.3: Feudal laws and customsBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnSimpkin, Marshall & Company1900Book
History of corn milling, vol.4: Some feudal millsBennett, Richard; Elton, JohnSimpkin, Marshall & Company1904Book
History of the Fens of South LincolnshireWheeler, W HSimpkin, Marshall & Company1888Book
Home counties magazineFE Robinson & Co1901Book
Homemade windmills of NebraskaBarber, Erwin HinckleyAgricultural Experiment Station Bulletin1899Book
Hydraulic power engineeringMarks, G CroydonCrosby Lockwood and Son1900Book
Illustrated catalogue of agricultural implements and machines manufactured by Williamson BrothersThomas Atkinson1865Book
Illustrated catalogue of agricultural implements and machines: Williamson Brothers, Canal Iron Works, KendalInchbold and Beck1876Book
Improvements in Wind EnginesBlyth, JamesHMSO1891Digital
Industrial biography: iron workers and tool makersSmiles, SamuelJohn Murray1879Book
Industrial rivers of the United KingdomJones, Evan RowlandT Fisher Unwin1888Book
Inland navigation with special reference to the mechanical arrangements for overcoming considerable changes of levelSaner, John ArthurInstiute of Civil Engineers1904Offprint/Journal Supplement
Jackson belt fastenersIsaac Jackson & Sons1908Book
Jan of the windmill: a story of the plainsEwing, Juliana HoratiaGeorge Bell & Sons1899Book
Jan of the windmill: a story of the plainsEwing, Juliana HoratiaSociety for Promoting Christian Knowledge1884Book
Journal de la Meunerie & Boulangerie1888Journal/Transactions
Journal of a residence in Norway during the years 1834, 5, 6, etc.Laing, SamuelLongman1836Book
Landwirtschaftliche MaschinenkundeSchwarzer, HVerlagsbuchhandlung Paul Parey1915Book