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Tide mills part 1Wailes, RexSPABBook
Tide mills part 2Wailes, RexSPABBook
WindmillsLaver, James; Wailes, RexSPABBook
Your molinological recordsBedington, John; Jones, David HSPABBrochure, leaflet or poster
Mill News April 2012-April 2015SPABJournal
Mill News July 2015-April 2018SPABJournal
Mill News July 2018 - 2021SPABJournal
Mill News Oct 2021 -SPABJournal
Mill News 1981-1992SPABJournal
Mill News 1993-1999SPABJournal
Mill News 2000-2005SPABJournal
Mill News 2006-January 2012SPABJournal
In praise of windmillsSPAB1935Book
Watermills: an introductionWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1956Book
Tide mills part 3: The Three Mills, Bromley by BowGardner, E MSPAB1957Book
Fulling mills: a study in the application of water power to the woollen industryPelham, R ASPAB1958Book
Watermills and the landscapeReid, Kenneth CSPAB1958Book
Watermills with horizontal wheelsWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1960Book
Monastic watermills: a study of the mills within English monastic precinctsLuckhurst, DavidSPAB1964Book
Water paper mills in EnglandShorter, Alfred HSPAB1966Book
Needle mills: a study of the watermills serving the industryRollins, John GSPAB1970Book
Watermills: an introductionWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1973Book
Molinological conference: wind and water mills, millwrighting and millingField, MichaelSPAB1979Book
Guidelines to safety in wind and watermillsSPAB1980Book
Windmills and watermills open to viewWest, JennySPAB1981Book
Windmills and watermills open to viewHargreaves, MaylingSPAB1984Book
Watermills: an introductionWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1985Book
Windmills and watermills open to viewWest, JennySPAB1986Book
Lee's patent windmill 1744-1747: a history of the development of the windmill fantailBuckland, J S P; Watts, MartinSPAB1987Book
Gunpowder mills gazetteerCrocker, GlenysSPAB1988Book
Mills OpenSPAB1991Book
Rex Wailes: an appreciation of his workMajor, J KennethSPAB1992Book
Use of millwrighting techniques as a guide to dating windmills and watermillsWatts, MartinSPAB1994Book
Medieval windmills in south-western EnglandBond, C JSPAB1995Book
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB1996Book
Perfect pitch: the millwright's goal; an aid in the interpretation and dating of the working parts of watermills and windmillsStoyel, AlanSPAB1996Book
Mills OpenWest, Jenny; Woodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB1997Book
Wind and watermills: education resource pack for primary school teachersSPAB1998Education pack
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB1999Book
Mills of the Muslim worldHarverson, MichaelSPAB2000Book
Mills OpenWoodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB2000Book
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB2001Book
Contribution of the windmill to the industrial revolutionGregory, RoySPAB2002Book
Historic buidling controls and grantsSlocombe, MatthewSPAB2002Book
Milling and millwrightingWatts, MartinSPAB2004Article
Mills OpenWoodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB2004Book
Rise of the white loaf: evidence from the north of England concerning developments in milling milling technique in the 18th centuryHarrison, John KSPAB2005Book
Principles and practice in watermill repairSPAB2005Book
Stone ground flour by natural power: Where can I find it?Hudson, SimonSPAB2006Book
Turn, turn, turn: 75 years of saving millsCookson, Mildred M; Hudson, Simon; Hughes, Gareth; Pearce, D L; Watts, MartinSPAB2006Offprint/Journal Supplement