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Animal-powered machinesMajor, J KennethShire1985Book
Animal-powered machinesMajor, J KennethShire2008Book
Baking and bakeriesMuller, H GShire1986Book
CidermakingQuinion, Michael BShire1982Book
Corn millingWatts, MartinShire1998Book
Corn millingWatts, MartinShire2008Book
Discovering watermillsVince, JohnShire1993Book
Discovering windmillsVince, JohnShire1993Book
Gunpowder industryCrocker, GlenysShire1986Book
Lead and leadminingWillies, LynnShire1982Book
Mills and millwrightingVince, JohnShire1978Book
Slate industryWilliams, MerfynShireBook
Water and wind powerWatts, MartinShire2000Book
Water supplyNaylor, PeterShire2005Book
WatermillsWatts, MartinShire2006Book
Wells and water supplyVince, JohnShire1978Book
WindmillsWatts, MartinShire2006Book