Windmills and Water Mills of Long Island


Card cover, 128pp.,  profusely illustrated with many b/w photographs.

Long Island is an ideal place for catching the steady wind from the ocean and bays: 125 miles long, narrow – only 20 miles across at its widest, and relatively flat. Thus, many windmills were built here and still exist here, particularly at the island’s east end. As a matter of fact, the south fork of eastern Long Island contains the greatest number of surviving windmills in the United States. Before 1700, Long Island also had many water mills, some of them powered by the tide.

Sr. Anne Frances Pulling, author of three other Arcadia books, and Gerald A. Leeds collaborated to create Windmills and Water Mills of Long Island. They selected 235 beautiful images, thoroughly researched the wonder of windmills and water mills, and set their story within the towns that surround the mills.

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