Wind, water and steam


Hertfordshire has an unusually rich and diverse milling heritage; there are records of 110 watermills and 71 windmills in Hertfordshire, but of the majority, little physical evidence remains today.

Heavily illustrated with both historic and contemporary photographs, this book acts as an invaluable guide to these mills and also provides a comprehensive gazetteer of all known Hertfordshire mills, whether extant, in ruins or demolished.

In discussing the social and economic history of the different varieties of milling in the county, Hugh Howes focuses on key advances in technology, and the opportunities brought about by improved transport. The degree to which individual millers were able adapt to these changes determined whether or not they survived.

This is a soft cover book, with 256pp.

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  • Author(s): Howes, Hugh
  • Publisher: University of Hertfordshire Press
  • Publication year: 2016