The Wind Power Book


Card cover, 254pp., profusely illustrated with diagrams, b/w photographs, drawings, tables and maps.

Wind power systems

Wind energy resources

Wind machine fundamentals

Wind machine design

Building a wind power system


Appendix: numerical data, climatic data, design data

Wind generators, Farm Windmills, Wind Furnaces, Transmissions, Inverters, Energy Storage, Performance and costs, Energy tax credits.

How to: Measure the windspeed, Plan a wind system, Design and build rotors, Install and maintain your system, Sell power to the utilities.

A practical approach to wind power as just one of many possible alternative energy solutions. Jack Park shows the readers how they can determine wind power viability for their own needs. He gives practical guidance for surveying the wind at a site to see whether it’s feasible, lists the characteristics of various wind machines to help people make informed choices, and gives common-sense hints on avoiding the many possible pitfalls. Simple examples illustrate each step in the wind-machine design process.

  • Author(s): Park, Jack; Redford, Robert
  • Publisher: Cheshire Books, Palto Alto, California
  • Publication year: 1981
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