The mills of Bélidor (Architecture Hydraulique, part 1 book 2)


A4 booklet in a cardboard folder, 82pp.

Bibliotheca Molinologica BM 17

A study on the mills of 18th century French engineer Bernard Forest de Bélidor. Details different types of mill and how they worked, including mills for grinding corn, sawmills and gunpowder mills. Also explores the use of chain-pumps, bucket-wheels and other machines for raising water. Each page contains labelled diagrams of working parts.

The translators also provided a commentary on some aspects and abbreviated Bélidors’ “somewhat verbose” descriptions.

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  • Author(s): Bélidor, Bernard Forest de; Ward, Owen; Watkins, George; Harverson, Michael
  • Publisher: TIMS
  • Publication year: 2003