Survey of mills in Delaware County, Pennsylvania 1826-1880


Softback 144 pages

Following a general introduction, the survey reproduces data on all the mills in the Delaware Valley organised in six lists organised by Location, Type of Mill; Owners, Creek, Product, and Reference Number. There is also a map of the 1826 Survey with a key.

The historical sources used were: A Statistical Account of Mills, Mill Seats and Manufactures on Water Power in Delaware County (1826); Federal Manufacturing Census, 1850; Federal Manufacturing Census, 1860; Textile Industries of Philadelphia, List of Power Mills and Machinery on Textile Fabrics, representing the Wool, Worsted, Cotton, Silk and Linen Manufactures of Philadelphia, 1880; An Historical Sketch of Chester on Delaware by Henry G. Ashmead, 1883. A description of these sources and the data that was extracted.

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