History of Corn Milling: volume 4 Some Feudal Mills


Hardback, 226pp,very good condition. American facsimile on superior paper and slightly larger format then the original.

The short histories of mills comprising this concluding volume are intended to illustrate the actual operation of the various laws and customs already recited in detail. They recount how, in accordance with those laws and customs, milling soke in each district was locally created by the superior lord; how it was maintained, by his heirs or assigns, with considerable trouble to themselves and much anxiety to the public; and how, finally, with the march of the times the force of popular hostility gradually overcame and extinguished it. This was the general fate of milling soke throughout the country.

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  • Author(s): Bennett, Richard; Elton, John
  • Publisher: Burt Franklin New York
  • Publication year: 1904 (later facsimile)