Buckinghamshire Windmills (PDF)


This is a PDF of a printed publication, which is available here

Mills Archive Research Publication no 11

This book was originally intended for publication in 1939 by Stanley Freese, further work was undertaken by James Venn and Guy Blythman has written up and edited their notes into a form suitable for publication.

The book does justice to 70 years of effort. Stanley Freese in particular amassed during the 1930s copious notes based on the reminiscences of old-time millers.

Profusely illustrated, the book has sections on the technology of Buckinghamshire windmills, millwrights, social issues etc followed by a gazetteer, appendix and references

A valuable historical record; A4, 154pp with 124 illustrations, many in colour

An immediate response from a reader:

“It is a strikingly handsome volume in a very accessible format, both as a general reference and a gazetteer.  It is a real credit to all the contributors and to The Mills Archive itself. 

The introductory sections, credited to their individual authors, provide an excellent overview of the key personalities involved, together with an historical perspective of the role of mills in society and in the economy in giving invaluable context; the guidance on terminology and technology enable the gazetteer entries to be interpreted and understood.

The publication has been beautifully produced and laid out in a very inviting manner.  The inclusion of so many photographs, from many different sources, really brings the volume to life.

Creating this exceptional publication from a large volume of source material has clearly been the result of a huge team effort.  Please accept and pass on our sincere congratulations to all involved.”

  • Author(s): Freese, Stanley; Venn, James; Blythman, Guy (ed)
  • Publisher: The Mills Archive Trust
  • Publication year: 2020