A medieval fulling mill at Barrowburn on the River Coquet; evidence and context


Together with “Archaelogical excavations at the site of a  medieval mill on the River Coquet at Barrowburn”

A pair of articles off printed from Archaelogia Aeliana, soft cover, 20pp (vol. 43) and 48pp (vol. 44)

A fulling mill on the River Coquet between Rowhope Burn and the Hepden Burn is the subject of a single reference in the Newminster Chartulary, the only surviving document detailing the activities of the Cistercian abbey near Morpeth.

The papers explore the implications of that reference, which can be dated to AD 1226 to 1245, discusses why a mill might have been built there, and suggests what may have happened to it in the context of other activities in the area.

Includes a series of photographs (b/w), diagrams, charts and illustrations

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  • Author(s): Carllton, Richard; Jones, david
  • Publisher: Society of Antiquarians of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Publication year: 2014 and 2015
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