Mühlen und Hämmer im Schleusegebiet

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    English titleMills and hammers in the Schleuse area
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    Heinz, Louis [Author]

    Publisher Kulturband der DDR
    Year of publication 1980

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


    Scope & contentSummary TranslationThe booklet, originally published in the series Südthüringer Forschungen in 1979, covers mills in the catchment area of the Schleuse, with its tributaries the Erle, Vesser, Nahe, Biber and Neubrunn in the Thuringian Forest, most of which are falling into ruin. It starts with a history of the area and its mills, the development of the water wheel and the evolution of water rights. It goes on to describe briefly the types of water mill with their end uses, before describing in more detail the history of flour mills in general and in the Schleuse area. It moves on to saw mills, some of which were in remote places, and others of which were auxiliary to the flour mills. It then looks at paper mills, followed by powder mills. This is followed by a more detailed look at hammer mills used by the copper and iron extracting industries in the area. There is thought to have been a mill for gold as well. Tanning, oil and fulling mills are then briefly described. There follows a series of lists of flour mills, saw mills, paper mills, powder mills, and gold, copper and silver hammer mills. In each case the list gives the location, name, foundation and closure dates, plus the successor enterprise where applicable. This is followed by a summary of the whole.The booklet is illustrated with black-and-white photos of mills and milling components, maps and graphs.

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