BARROW MILLS. Sussex Bronze Age barrows reused as windmill-steads

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    Vincent, Alex [Author]

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    Year of publication 2024 January

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    Wind & watermills > England > Sussex
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    Scope & contentA number of Bronze Age barrows were later reused as mill mounds or windmill-steads mainly in the medieval period. The roundness of barrows was adequate for a windmill to be placed upon them. There are a number of examples throughout Britain....

    Some examples of mill barrows in Sussex are at Houghton, Bury Hill, Parham, Glynde (2), Firle (3), Beddingham (2), Summer Down in Saddlescombe, Piddinghoe, Stoke Down at West Stoke, Willingdon Hill and on Rookery Hill at Bishopstone. There is little information about most of these windmills as most of them came out of use centuries ago, but some of the later 18th century mills may have been built on the same site.

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