Tocketts: the story of a North Yorkshire township and its mill

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    Morgan, P W [Author]
    Harrison, John K [Author]

    Publisher The Mills Archive Trust
    Year of publication 2016

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    SeriesMills Archive Research Publications
    No. in series5

    Wind & watermills > England > Yorkshire & Humberside
    Arts, culture and heritage > Social and economic history


    Scope & contentThis account of the history of Tocketts mill also describes the township of the same name and the story of its ownership mainly the Tocketts family, the Chaloner Estate 1716-1804, the Hale family, and the Dundas family of the Zetland Estate 1804-1972.

    Short accounts of other mills in the Skelton Beck valley are included particularly West Mill (or Hutton Mill) and Howl Beck Mill in Guisborough and the mill at Swathey Head in Tocketts. The links between Tocketts Mill and the Augustinian Priory at Guisborough are discussed. Later developments at the mill are placed in the context of the arrival of the railways to Guisborough, alum quarrying in the early nineteenth century and ironstone mining in the late nineteenth century. A chapter is included on the restoration of the mill in the nineteenth century

    The book includes names and biographies of the millers: Jonathan Rowntree (1713-1719); John Smith (1727); Daniel Moore and John Wood (1763-1779); John Marr (1776-1816); Thomas Coulson (1795-1823); Thomas Pattinson (1827-1851); George Heseltine (1851-1893); Christopher Nixon (1877-1892); Joseph Rowntree (1851-1900); William Henry Seaton (1881-1952) and the Seaton family (1952-1973).

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