Traditional corn milling watermills

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    Harris, Nigel S [Author]

    Publisher Nigel S Harris
    Year of publication 2015

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    Scope & contentA very detailed publication that aims to explain the operation of watermills used for stoneground corn milling. The term 'corn' can be used to describe the grain of any cereal crop such as oats and wheat. Contains many photographs and labelled drawings and cross-sections by John Brandrick Short chapters headings: What is corn?; Horizontal waterwheel driven mills; Vertical waterwheel driven mills; Post-medieval developments; Line shaft; Use of iron; Spur gear drive; Mill buildings; Underdrift (undershot) and overdrift (overshot) drive; Vertical waterwheel types; Water turbine drive; Millstones; Milling action; Inside a typical mill building (cross-section labelled diagrams); Sack hoist; Milling process; Stone furniture and tentering; Flour dressing (bolters and wire machine); Death of the rural mill; Further reading.
    KeywordsMillwrighting, Milling, Cereals

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