The Rex Wailes Collection. Windmills of Nantucket, USA 1

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    Hodge, Nathanael [Author]

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    Year of publication 2022

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    In 1929 Rex Wailes visited the island of Nantucket during his trip to the USA and Canada. This is his write-up of the history of windmills on the island:

    Although at present there is but one windmill on Nantucket, there have been a number of others, and records of some of these exist. During my brief visit to this most delightful spot, I was afforded every opportunity by the Nantucket Historical Association, and at the Public Library to study the history of the Nantucket windmills, and to examine the sole survivor.

    In 1672 one Peter Folger was appointed by the town of Nantucket to run a watermill; for some unknown reason this was abandoned, and another worked by wind was erected in its place… Read more.


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