Maison des Brasseurs, ville d'Anvers

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    English titleBrewer's House, Anvers village.
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    Smekens, Frans [Author]

    Publisher Ville D'Anvers Musees D'Archeologie
    Year of publication 1983

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    A guide to the Maison des Brasseurs (the Brewer’s House) in the Anvers region of France. Discusses Gilbert van Schoonbeke, a civil engineer and businessman (1519-1556). Gives information on his family life up until his death at the age of 37, including historical events of the time, such as upheavals leading up to the Dutch revolt. Gives information on structures he developed in Antwerp.
    Gives information on the canals and water systems, and how political upheavals played a part. Gives information on the owners and workers of the house. Includes a section on the history of the town surrounding the house- its construction, its previous names, boundaries etc. Also discusses the canals associated with the house. The house had other names before being renamed the Maison des Brasseurs. Gives information on the exterior and the entrance to the house - how it has been maintained in the same style as was around at the time of Gilbert van Schoonbeke. Includes a section on the water system- including how the water was elevated and used to generate power and the importance of water.

    Includes information on the carousel system, and how the structures were maintained over time. Includes information on canal systems in Antwerp. Gives information on the water system- how water was elevated, the carousel, and how this was maintained over time. Includes information on canal and other water systems. Includes information on the House as a museum- gives a room-by-room description. Includes the key items on display and the architectural structures of key importance; including staircases and machinery associated with the house. Gives a bibliography of texts used in the guide. Also includes information on the opening times and how to find the museum.

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