Argonauta. A book heralding from Augeo in Italy, a place internationally renowned for its culture

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Antolini, Sergio [Author]

Publisher Milling & Grain
Year of publication 2021 June

Medium Digital

People and communities > Mill organisations
Arts, culture and heritage


Scope & contentThe following article provides an insight into Argonaut, a recently published book written by Ocrim President and CEO Sergio Antolini.

Delivered with the eccentric yet reliable flair that we have all grown to expect from Ocrim, this book uses a mixture of art and prose to deliver an alternative take on our industry; guiding the reader through a journey that starts with wheat and ends with bread.

By examining the historical, cultural, artistic, symbolic and esoteric, Sergio Antolini discovers what hides behind the father of the main food of all humanity, wheat... Read more.


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