Van zAdelsteen tot Zetelkruier: 2000 jaar molens in Vlaanderen, Boek 3: Geiilustreerd molenwoordenboek

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    English titleFrom zAdelsteen to Zetelkruier: two thousand years of mills in Flanders, Book 3: Illustrated milling glossary
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    Bauters, Paul [Author]
    Pouw, G J [Author]

    Publisher Provincie Oost-Vlanderen
    Year of publication 2002

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


    Scope & contentBook three of a two thousand year history of the mills in Flanders. This is an illustrated mill glossary A-Z. A loose typewritten note explains the title: A zadelsteen is the Dutch word for a primitive quern, a zetelkruier is a typical construction of the roof structure of a tower mill. With his title Bauters (the author) looked for two words one beginning with A and the other with Z. He couldn't find a word beginning with A, so he used zAdelsteen.

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